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Diagnosis and interventional Adaptive Imaging

The unit Diagnosis and Interventional Adaptive Imaging (IADI) is an Inserm unit (U1254), whose speciality is developping various techniques and methods to improve imaging of moving organs. Its research covers several research domains: the MR physics and the acquisition of MR images, the clinical methodology and validations.

This new lab has been labelled Inserm in 2009.

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MR research

In order to develop the relevant techniques, we have access to the MRI system in the university hospital (CHRU) of Nancy (France) (
Our main research activities are on a Siemens 3T MR scanner (, funded by European Regional Development Fund and by the State project agreement (CPER).

The 3T MR system is shared with the clinical services in CHRU of Nancy-Brabois so that the patients can benefit from the latest research results and its rapid clinical application.