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Diagnosis and interventional Adaptive Imaging

The unit Diagnosis and Interventional Adaptive Imaging (IADI) is an Inserm unit (U1254), whose speciality is developping various techniques and methods to improve imaging of moving organs. Its research covers several research domains: the MR physics and the acquisition of MR images, the clinical methodology and validations.

This new lab has been labelled Inserm in 2009.

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Imaging of moving organs

One slice of the black blood MR cardiac images in short axis, with some motion artifacts due to patient breathing

In MR imaging, the volunteer’s intentional and un-intentional movements remains as a technical limitation of the utilization of MR in diagnosis. Indeed, these movements generate artifacts which complicate the corresponding morphological and functional analysis based on these images.

The objective of the IADI lab is to improve the cardiac, renal, hepatic and cerebral MR imaging for robust diagnosis. We hope to achieve: