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Diagnosis and interventional Adaptive Imaging

The unit Diagnosis and Interventional Adaptive Imaging (IADI) is an Inserm unit (U1254), whose speciality is developping various techniques and methods to improve imaging of moving organs. Its research covers several research domains: the MR physics and the acquisition of MR images, the clinical methodology and validations.

This new lab has been labelled Inserm in 2009.

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Adaptive Imaging

The originality of the IADI lab is to develop a novel imaging method, named «adaptive imaging».

The principal idea is to integrate the patient’s physiological and/or organ movements to the image acquisition, reconstruction and post-processing procedure.

It consists of adapting the MR acquisition parameters according to the patient’s movement, taking these movements into account during the image reconstruction process (a very important step to produce the final images), and utilizing the motion information to analyse the organ functional in order to improve the diagnosis.