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Diagnosis and interventional Adaptive Imaging

The unit Diagnosis and Interventional Adaptive Imaging (IADI) is an Inserm unit (U1254), whose speciality is developping various techniques and methods to improve imaging of moving organs. Its research covers several research domains: the MR physics and the acquisition of MR images, the clinical methodology and validations.

This new lab has been labelled Inserm in 2009.

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Adaptation of reconstruction

With the help of motion sensors, the organ position at each moment can be known. It is thus possible to realise a image reconstruction integrating the «elastic» organ movement.
This is achieved by the development of an original lagorithm called GRICS: it solves a coupled system iteratively, one to look for the motion model and the other for the image without motion artifact.

This novel reconstruction method allows the free-breathing acquisition of MR in heart with “elastic” motion correction. Initially applied in the heart, this method is generalized for other organs. The demanding computation needed by this method requires the use of cluster and the algorithm parallelisation to get the result within a clinically acceptable time.