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Diagnosis and interventional Adaptive Imaging

The unit Diagnosis and Interventional Adaptive Imaging (IADI) is an Inserm unit (U1254), whose speciality is developping various techniques and methods to improve imaging of moving organs. Its research covers several research domains: the MR physics and the acquisition of MR images, the clinical methodology and validations.

This new lab has been labelled Inserm in 2009.

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Adaptative acquisition

One slice of black blood cardiac MR images in short axis at end systolic state.

With the help of motion sensors, the organ position at each moment can be known. We can also feed these acquisition parameters back to the acquisition procedure itself.
The acquisition time in the cardiac cycles can be controlled by such an example. Different from classical cardiac MR method , we can acquire a specific type of images called black blood in end-systole.

Other methods correcting the acquisition parameters are also developed to allow the contrast optimization.